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If you weren't a Star Wars lover before, it's supposed to be easy to get into the pit recently. At the end of the year, not only was the Star War movie:the rise of the Skylander, the Disney's first``Star War'' live play, ``Star Warfare'' vages can wave their long-standing light sword to the storm.


In the past three years, only two major \"star wars\" games have been launched, in addition to the acclaimed \"fallen samurai\" and the \"star wars front 2\" that have been messed up. Historically, the heyday of \"star wars\" game production is extremely high, types ranging from crossboard clearance, action adventure, combat, race speed, instant strategy, to flight simulation, role-playing, graphics puzzle, first-person shooting, and so on. In addition to lucas art industry itself into the production of products for the \"star wars\" game \"have worked\" and famous developers countless.


It is no exaggeration to say that the history of \"Star Wars\" game is a condensed and simplified history of video game development. In 1977, the first Star Wars movie caught up with Atari 2600 in just five months after its release. While George Lucas himself is not a video game enthusiast, it doesn't hinder his keen sense of the business outlook for video games, and the combination of film and television and video games has given the Star Wars brand more attention.


Now, after disney's acquisition of lucas's film industry, the games that expanded the world's view of the \"star wars\" series and made a public effort are all \"wild children\" that are not officially recognized, and ea's \"star wars front\" series and \"fallen samurai\" are now the only two recognized official orthodox works.


In 1979, to explore new areas of entertainment, George Lucas created a computer division that included computer games and graphics and animation businesses. Three years later, the Lucasfilm unit split up to form an independent company. Among them, the computer game division, known as Lucasfilm Games after its independence, was reorganized into LucasArts in 1990, one of the most important computer game publishers of the 1990s, and the graphics group developed into Pixar after its independence.


Immediately after Lucasfilm's independence, it began developing a series of games on the Yadali console, but none of them related to Star Wars. In fact, in the next 10 years, the game department has never independently developed a \"Star Wars\" game. The reason is simple, as early as years ago, George Lucas sold adaptations of \"Star Wars\" games to third-party game developers such as Yadali, South Dream Palace, Parker Brothers, Broderound and others.


George Lucas doesn't know much about games, but intuition tells him that the entertainment industry isn't quite mature. The early \"Star Wars\" games were mainly made by American toy and gaming company Parker Brothers, which later became Hasbro's brand, limited by the technical conditions of the time, and the performance of the game was not very prominent.


Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back in 1982 was the first \"Star Wars\" game in the real sense, because players could at least recognize the AT-AT walker on the screen compared to the previous Star Wars: Electronic Battle Command Game. In \"Empire Strikes Back,\" players can manipulate snowmobiles to hit oncoming AT-ATs, playing monotonously, with each AT-AT having to attack 30 or 40 times before it can be destroyed, but for Star Wars fans, it's already amazing to be able to review the experience in the movie in video games.


Several other Parker Brothers-made \"Star Wars\" games are also trying to restore the movie's snippets, such as Return of the Jedi: Death Star Battle, where you're going to drive the Millennium Falcon to attack the Death Star; and Jedi Arena may be the first weapon to try to imitate the lightsaber duel, in the form of an earlier version of the video game \"Pong \".


The star war game, which was really successful at that time, was developed by Yadari in 1983


The 《 Star Wars Arcade was a success, with the sound of Han Solo, Obiwan and Darth Vader accompanying the player's journey to remind him that the Force is with you, in addition to the revolutionary game footage. In an era when the vast majority of the game's sound effects were stuck in "beeps," the star wars arcade version was deadly for young" star wars "fans.


The \"star wars\" game of this period is limited by the development level of the industry at that time, overall is in the \"auxiliary film \", they try to restore the scene in the film in the form of video games, fragments, players are proud to experience the original\" star wars \"feeling. Of course,\" star wars \"games cannot just stay at the level of\" movie imitation show \", technology and lucas company structure changes, will eventually bring more possibilities.


In 1990, lucas's film-and-game division was restructured and the name of lucas's art world emerged. Although they still don't have Star Wars game adaptations, they've amassed a lot of game development experience over the years, and Monkey Island's Crazy House and the Indiana Jones series have been seen as the best graphic adventures of the era. Lucas art has become one of the brightest manufacturers in the golden age of adventure games.


So when the \"star wars\" game adaptation finally returned to the lucas art world in 1992, it was greeted by a team of enthusiastic, experienced and thoughtful developers who simply let the game present the experience and effect of the film no longer satisfy their ambitions.


《 Star Wars: The X-Wing is the first Star Wars game to be released independently by Lucas Arts, and producer Larry Holland was previously known for making World War II flight simulations. Lucas art believes that since the "star wars" movie's air wars itself is based on the reality of the expansion (" star wars "the first air war lens is arranged in the cockpit of the world war ii fighter), the game can certainly do the same.


As a result, Star Wars fans saw a classic game that redefined 3D air combat, with vivid visual performance, incredible voice-over and familiar elements of Star Wars making the X-wing fighter famous. Players in the game can choose three different characteristics of the fighter, the content of the mission from air dog fighting, escort interception, raid enemy ships to attack the main ship, very rich. At the same time,\" X-wing Fighter \"is a game with a certain level of operational requirements, in today's words is a bit hard core, to\" Star Wars \"iron powder and high-difficulty game enthusiasts quite a surprise.


After the 《 X-wing was released, it sold 100,000 copies in its first week, selling more than 500,000 copies. But that wasn't the end of it, and the following year Larry Holland produced a sequel to The X-wing Fighter, Star Wars: TIE Fighter, making the series one of the most famous "Star Wars" game series, and in our previous article we were dedicated to the story of The Titanium.


The classic of the 《 titanium is that it uses the perspective of an imperial pilot to stop interstellar piracy from destroying, fighting the rebels, and taking part in civil war around the universe. The attempt to get players to play villains in the film is bold, allowing people to experience the world of science fiction from different angles, and video games finally embody the hard-to-find side of the movie. This new way, no longer limited to the restoration of film production ideas, after the "Star Wars" game has a profound impact.


In addition to The X-wing Fighter, Lucas Art developed a similar flying shooting game at the time, Star Wars: Rebel Assault. In terms of quality, the jedi counter-attack is not as good as the x-wing fighter, but importantly, the sales of these two games have saved lucas art, which was on the verge of bankruptcy several times. Yes, the image adventure game is well received, but it hasn't made the company a lot of money yet. Gordon Radley, Lucasfilm's president, told Lucasfilm's management after the release of the Jedi counter-attack that \"warships are turning \", meaning the company's crisis has been lifted.


In 1993, the emergence of \"Destroyers\" rose to the FPS frenzy, and the Lucasian arts certainly didn't want to lag behind the times, and Star Wars: Dark Forces was the product of the emergence. The original FPS game will feature Luke Skywalker, but developers feel that Luke's story is too familiar to the public to limit the game's play and plot expansion. So, under the influence of some of the \"Star Wars\" Mods of \"Destroyers,\" the Lucas art world decided to move the stage to Death Star, telling an original story that wasn't in a\" Star Wars \"movie from the perspective of Kyle Katarn, a former Imperial officer.


The story was told for eight years, giving birth to the Star Wars Jedi Knight series, which includes the dark forces and is dominated by shooting elements. Kyle Katan, who grew from a former Imperial officer to a Jedi master through five games, was the first truly original hero in the Star Wars game.


《 Dark Power hit a record of 300,000 pre-orders, with almost a million sales. Crucially, lucas's vision of expanding the "star wars" universe through the game proved to be effective, and the next ambitious work was arranged: star wars: shadow of the empire.


The shadow of the 《 empire is a game that combines elements such as third-person shooting, space simulation, racing speed, and tells the story of the time that took place on a distant planet between the movie "empire counterattack" and "return of the jedi ". However, the characters of the game are no longer "humanized," with major characters such as Luke, Princess Leia, Han Solo and others on the scene, with players fighting alongside them to escape the imperial pursuit and thwart the villain's plot.


The shadow of the 《 empire has not been as successful as the two previous "star wars" game series, but its story has been officially recognized for many years as the official plot before the film "return of the jedi ", which means the creation of the" star wars "game has been recognized by lucas high-levels.


From expanding the \"star wars\" universe to creating the official plot, lucas art world in the \"star wars\" game after the adaptation of the game to catch up with the rapid development of video games, novel plot and play to let people clearly feel the charm of the game is different from the film. At the turn of the century, the number of \"Star Wars\" games in the Lucas art world had a blowout, but the quality began to decline sharply.


With the success of a number of \"Star Wars\" games, the increasingly thriving gaming industry has created the illusion that, regardless of the type of game, there will be a large number of fans paying for it. So, starting in 1995, the lucas art world produced 36\" star wars \"games in 10 years, entering a completely high-yielding era.


In 1997's Star Wars: The Master of the Iron Hand (Star Wars: The Masters of the Ter? sk? The lucas arts world is challenging combat games and is also trying to release the \"star wars\" game on ps for the first time. The backdrop follows the film \"New Hope,\" in which the Empire enlisted Arden Lyn, a master of the mysterious iron hand (a close combat technique), to exterminate the senior leadership of the rebels in retaliation.


Producers in the lucas art world are confident about the game, saying many times in the early campaign that \"the quality of the game is absolutely fine\" and \"star wars\" fans will definitely be obsessed with the fighting game, but after the launch, it was soon discovered that \"master iron hand\" was a poor imitation of the \"iron fist\" series in south dream palace. Media are divided into 5\/10 on average, selected as \"the top 10 worst game series.\" Lucas art had to admit that the first time they made games on PS, they had a lot to learn. That same year, their adventure game for GBC, Star Wars: Yoda Stories, was hit by IGN for an ultra-low 2\/10.


Hot action games on the console are not very good, and the Lucas art world has decided to try one of the most popular types of games on the PC - instant strategy. In 1998, which was hailed as \"the brightest year in game history,\" the Lucas art world produced its first\" Star Wars \"instant strategy game,\" Star Wars: Rebels.\"


Strictly speaking, Rebel is not particularly bad, it combines 4X and RTS elements, in the game, players as commanders can control the mass of ships, troops, equipment and characters. The game doesn't even have a strict story frame limit, and players are free to change some important time lines, such as making Luke an early Jedi master or building a second dead star to lead the Empire to victory. But in those days, mediocrity was the biggest sin. After playing Rebel, the media bluntly reminded Lucas that the Star Wars brand should be re-examined, not until the day when fans were completely disappointed.


For the lucas art world at that time, mediocrity is not easy to do. Star Wars: Destruction in 2000, an action racing game launched on PS and DC, was soon included in the \"worst Star Wars\" series; Star Wars: SuperBombad Racing wanted to emulate Mario Racing on PS2, which turned out to be too childish to be accepted by Star Wars fans.


The mediocre Rebels didn't dampen Lucas'enthusiasm for exploring the RTS genre, first by launching Star Wars: Force Command, a strong contender for the worst \"Star Wars\" game in history, and later, by borrowing the engine of \"Empire Age 2\" from the All-Time Studio, developing Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds, and failing to escape the mediocre fate of changing the game.


The “jedi series is one of the few" star wars "games that the lucas arts world developed itself," dark forces 2", or" star wars jedi knight: jedi outcast ", which was outsourced to raven's studio, is called the "star wars" and "star wars" fans are especially keen on the "machine gun and light massacre of sabers ". Meanwhile," Star Wars: Rogue Quadron," the arcade-flying action shooting game developed by Factor 5, became a dark horse, without much attention in the past, because of the brisk play, plenty of content, the 2001 sequel media averaged more than nine points.


Occasional flashes don't make up for the big slide in the overall quality of the Star Wars game. In 2002, lucas arts management finally publicly acknowledged the mistake, as a means of improvement, while significantly reducing the \"star wars\" game project, raven and factor 5, the outstanding third-party development ability to gain trust, lucas arts industry began to consider the possibility of more outsourcing games. Because of such reflection, the \"Star Wars\" game is about to usher in a brightest time.


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