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Huaihai earth, wrapped in white, the annual flavor gradually thick. On the eve of the Spring Festival of 2019, the 71st group army a brigade \"Wang Jieban\" all soldiers received a reply from President Xi Jinping.


Wang jieban's 31st monitor, wang damao, was so excited that the soldiers listened attentively to the reply and were happy in every soldier's face.


The words in the letter are simple and simple, but touching. This reply is not only the praise and affirmation of President Xi to all the soldiers of \"Wang Jie Ban \", but also the expectation and high hope to the broad grassroots officers and soldiers.


\"Seeing the pictures we communicated with each other more than a year ago, then the scene came back to me...\" Xi said in his reply,\" We communicated together more than a year ago,\" on December 13,2017, his visit to the 71 group army. President Xi has always been concerned about the grassroots, the feelings of officers and men. On that day, he went to the company where the great communist soldier Comrade Wang Jie lived, and went deep into the \"Wang Jie Ban\" discussion and exchange.


In the company's honor room, after Xi Jinping's detailed understanding of Wang Jie's own feat of saving lives, he said,\" I knew the story of Wang Jie when I was a child, and Wang Jie was a hero in my mind!\"


Wang Jie, the great communist warrior. Fifty-five years ago, when he was organizing militia training, he accidentally exploded with explosives. In order to protect 12 militiamen and men on the scene, he threw himself at the explosive bag and carried out his sonorous vow of \"one fear of suffering, two fear of death\" with the precious life of 23 years old.


Xi Jinping attaches great importance to learning and carrying forward the spirit of \"one is not afraid of suffering, two are not afraid of death \". He clearly pointed out that soldiers to have blood, blood is fighting spirit, the core is \"one fear of suffering, two fear of death\" spirit. Xi has repeatedly stressed that no matter when the fighting spirit of \"one is not afraid of suffering, two are not afraid of death\" cannot be lost. At a time when the Party, the state and the people need it, the army must have this energy and this spirit.


On December 13,2017, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, chairman of the state and chairman of the Central Military Commission, visited the 71st Group Army. This is a photo of Xi Jinping with \"Wang Jeban\" soldiers.


Later, Xi Jinping came to \"Wang Jieban \". The whole class of soldiers lined up to welcome, and Xi smiled and shook their hands one by one. 'Come, let's sit down and have a chat!' Xi greeted everyone at will. The soldiers gathered around President Xi, their faces brimming with heartfelt joy.


\"Is learning tight? How did the training go? Life security is good...\" Warm hearted greetings, showing the army commander-in-chief of the grass-roots, care for officers and men of a deep feeling.


As long as you don't die, practice in the dead! The soldiers rushed to reveal their hearts, as Wang Jie descendants, we must be strong, vanguard, usually training not afraid of hardship, on the battlefield not afraid of death, to add new glory to the hero collective.


'The army is going to fight, it's going to be like war, it's going to be like it's going to be a war, it's going to be not afraid of suffering, it's not afraid of death,' Xi said. The Spirit of \"Two Fears\" was, is and will always be our precious spiritual treasure. He urged everyone to learn and practice the spirit of \"two not afraid \", strengthen the cultivation of fighting spirit and combat style training, inherit good red blood, and be a good soldier of Wang Jie style in the new era.


A year later, all the soldiers of \"Wang Jieban\" wrote to President Xi with deep affection to report on their work, study and personal growth and progress in the past year, expressing their determination and attitude to keep in mind the instructions of President Xi and forge ahead and make great achievements again.


It is too long to write the whole class and the individual's grades in the letter. The soldiers figured out a way to choose a satisfactory work photo, write the personal situation behind the photo, and finally make a summary of the comparison.


\"I picked out a picture of the soldiers explaining the keys to driving and reporting on our transformation efforts. Monitor Wang Damo remembers that during a combat drill, the pilot suddenly declared that the pilot was \"killed in action \", and the experienced one covered his head. Until the end of the drill, the armored infantry did not move.


An armored infantry combat vehicle is a whole, if someone died in the actual combat, the other people can be able to top? To this,\" Wang Jieban \"in the entire brigade to take the lead in attrition combat training: attrition to 7 people do not affect the battle, attrition to 5 people can continue to fight, attrition to 2 people can stick to combat!


In order to achieve this goal, they have trained professional skills, but also invited other professional coaches tutoring, a part recognition, a task. In the first live-fire shooting of new equipment,\" Wang Jieban \"first hit, hit the hit; in the same field with the brother units for advice, the comprehensive ranking first.


``To promote the cause of strong army, the grassroots can be done. ``Sergeant Xie Binbin felt deeply about the sentence in his reply. In eight years after joining the army, Xie Binbin took money from his post for many times. After serving as the artillery, facing the more informational fire control system, he cleared the past, often took the teaching materials into the steam-like turret, a few hours, finally won the title of``best shooter'' in the professional examination.


"Life and death are a bit heavy, but the soldier must dare say that if there is any need, I will be as desperate as the old monitor. If he returns safely, he will sharpen his will and strengthen his skills; if he does not, he will be proud of his uncle and become a useful man when he grows up ……”


This is the fourth time \"wang jie ban\" corporal xu bin to the family farewell letter, and \"wang jie ban\" in the brigade to carry out \"if tomorrow on the battlefield, leave a letter to relatives\" activities. The next day, the brigade first organized new equipment for water driving training. The course is somewhat dangerous. Xu Bin submitted an application to the company and got the first car. The water was a success, and Xu Bin wrote it into a letter to President Xi.


How many choices are there in youth? Some raised their glasses in the neon lights to laugh, others in poetry and distant fields to find themselves, but the youth of the soldiers only hard work, soaked in sweat, surging blood.


The commander-in-chief has a heart to heart with the soldiers. The soldiers'choice is the same as in Xi's reply -\" to try to be a good soldier of the new era and write a fiery chapter of youth in the melting pot of the people's army.\"


Wang Jieban has always held high the spirit of \"two not afraid\" flag, remember the \"Wang Jie descendants\" identity, one is not afraid of suffering, two are not afraid of death, swear to sweat and blood to defend the company's honor.


After receiving a reply from President Xi, the \"Wang Jieban\" soldiers said they would continue to carry forward the spirit of Wang Jie, strive hard, and have taken \"strive to be a good soldier of the new era\" as their higher standard of life.


Sergeant wu xue-chul joined the army after graduating from university, and in 2018, he had thought about getting out of the army because of a mistake in his assessment. \"President Xi told us to set a goal every year. \"In order to become a top soldier in business, Wu set higher training standards and finally stood out in the grade assessment. In 2019, he successfully passed the examination, has been admitted to the Army Engineering University.


Zhou Zhihan, a top soldier from Hangzhou, never did any housework, indulged in online games, played truant and ran away from home. After arriving at the troops, Zhou Zhihan became the \"god shooter\" with \"thick cocoons, many scars and black face \". \"I would like to report to President Xi that the youth in the camp is bitter and happy, and that training also emphasizes theory, giving and gaining,\" he said.


\"stuffy gourd\" Wei Yongguo business ability is very strong, in the same period of conscripts, he was the first group to achieve all the physical fitness class all qualified, but introverted he cannot say a word for a long time, communication with comrades in arms, tactical cooperation will inevitably exist obstacles. The class helped him speak and explain. Now he's becoming cheerful and talkative, and he's also taking part in the brigade's \"Learning the Chairman's Reply Spirit, Being a Good Warrior for the New Age\" speech contest.


In this collective of constant breakthrough and honor,\" excellence is qualified, the first is the standard \", which has become \"Wang Jieban\" from generation to generation, everyone practices the \"gold standard \".


Word deep feelings, sentence warm heart, President Xi's reply inspired the vast number of grass-roots officers and soldiers. All the soldiers of Wang Jieban said that they should always bear in mind President Xi's earnest instructions, turn the deep concern of the CPC Central Committee, the Central Military Commission and President Xi into a powerful motive force for strengthening the army and rejuvenating the army, commit themselves to strengthening the army and serving the country, and successfully fulfill the mission entrusted to them by the Party and the people.